Jan Brus

My family

My name is Jan Brus. I'm a full-stack software developer since 2010. At this time i focus on Angular and Flutter and you could consider me ninja developer, but the most experiences I have are C# and SQL. I live with my wife and 3 girls in a house in a small willage in Czechia (Morava region).

Personality: I'm very creative person, open minded and family oriented. My career so far has been mostly corporate employment, working in teams. Latest assigment and side hustles have been individual work and i have no trouble with either working in team or taking care of everything myself.

Experiences: My programming experiences are very broad. I have started in C# .Net (first ASP, then WPF) doing some WordPress and web design on the side (3-years). Then i continued working mostly with databases (1-year). After that i got my most progressive job which was TeamLeader of C# Scrum team (2-years). For family reasons I had to change jobs and switched to java (1-year) and was finishing my thesis in PHP/Kotlin. Shortly after that my manager offered me to work on a project as full-stack developer. I did not hesitate a bit. Currently I'm working on Angular project with java backend as the sole developer.

Personal life: After my bachelors studies in IT I have moved to Prague to find a software developer job. I lived there for 3 years when i met my now wife. We lived together in or near Prague and started a family there. I also finished my studies and got Ing. degree (which is equivalent to Master of Science in engineering in the US), but my original family was located in Moravia so we moved to my roots because it was better for our first child to have a grandparents closer. We live in Moravia region since then, got ourselves a house and are very happy in here.



Keywords: Personal project, MEAN stack skeleton app, Angular, node express, MongoDB, bootstrap, coreui, GitHub

This is a skeleton app i did for myself to train basics (building server with api and web client)


Keywords: TeamLeader, Scrum, .Net C# WPF, SQLite, git, VisualStudio, Jenkins, Testing

This project teached me how to do Agile Scrum properly and how to lead a team of 4 developers and 1 tester. Application was meant for internal users which were mostly analysts entering and working with data they gathered about sales of technological products. The application was jokingly reffered to as "excel on steroids". There was a lot of use of sheets, data tables, charts, forms and data transfers. We were doing all the Scrumy things you are supposed to do. My role was 50% leader, 50% developer. It was a great experience.

EET pokladna

Keywords: diploma thesis, PHP/MySQL + Android application, HTML/CSS/js

This was full solution for small businesses cash registers. The cash register is an Android application that sends data to tax office. Data, products, users, ... are managed and reviewed on web which was implemented using PHP.

Side hustles

Keywords: HTML/CSS/javascript, WordPress, Photoshop

I did many Wordpress projects, sometimes it was only minor chages and sometimes full web page. I also did only web design using Photoshop.

Curves valuation tool

Keywords: .Net C# WPF, git, VisualStudio

C# WPF application for calculating forward curves for energy markets based on settlement prices. This application core functionality was connecting to a database, loading huge sets of data, applying a very specific algorithm to that data and saving the result back to database.

Investment funds

Keywords: Mobile Application, Windows Mobile, Azure, C# .Net, SQLite

After filling a simple questionaire, application will offer best funds for investment for the user.

Wi-fi locator

Keywords: Mobile Application, Windows Mobile, Azure, C# .Net, SQLite

Application was intended for device geolocation inside wifi network. It was measuring distance from wi-fi hot spots using RSSI signal level. It showed current location of the device based on distance from individual hot spots.

Sirael data transfers

Keywords: C# .Net, MS SQL

I was a sole developer of data import from csv to MS SQL database. I used C# to create simple batch process and enforce some data validations.

Other projects

MRM: ASP .Net frontend development.

Siebel CRM: System integrator working on automatic data transfers. Development in Oracle ODI using SQL.

OMS - order management system: ASP .Net project for major Czech bank.

Sokol: Rewriting LotusNotes web to Xpages.